1 Roll of Tape for Tapein Hair Extensions

kattygurl hair extension tape has been extensively tested, guaranteed to seal tight & proven to be the best hair tape on the market. We also sell tape remover in dripper bottles, designed so you can focus on releasing the tapes without saturating &...


20" Ultra Premium Tape in hair #8 Dark Blonde x 1

These extensions are our ultra-premium line of tape-in extensions designed for our most discerning clients. True One-Directional Cuticles & 100% Undamaged Cuticles, the result is irresistibly soft and natural looking. If you are a fan of Tapein extensions & have experienced the higher end, higher pr...


20" Ultra Premium Tapein Hair Nat Black #1b x 1

Heavenly Lengths Hair extensions....


Remy Tapeins


Tapein Hair Extensions

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Tape in hair extensions, sometimes referred to as tape hair extensions, are a specialist salon product and for satisfactory results they need to be installed by a qualified hair extension installer. You also need to follow a simple care & maintenance routine in order to get the best value from your tape hair investment. You should ask your installer if they are certified to install tape in hair extensions & ask to see their certificate. At the installation your installer should give you detailed care instructions.

Your installer should NOT install your tape in hair extensions within 48 hrs of colour or 72 hrs after bleach as the hair shaft swells during both processes & installs within these time frames could cause your tape hair extensions to slip out of your hair!

We also recommend using a specialist extension loop  hair brush so as not to damage the hair tapes & to fully brush through your own hair & your extensions, this will reduce matting, breakage and shedding 









Tips & Warnings

To increase the life of your tape in hair extensions we recommend

 only using the salon approved range of products, these have been specifically formulated for extension care & will extend the life of your tape tops. If you did not purchase these with your hair you still can from our website - 

Never use a product that has a silicon, or alcohol base, as it may soften the tape hair glue and cause your hair extensions to slip or fall out. .

Looking after your hair extensions will increase the life of them.  Tying or plaiting your hair extensions at night when sleeping will prevent them from being pulled. You must always dry the hair extension tape tops off with a blow dryer after washing your hair. Do not wash your hair excessively or over use heated appliances as this will damage the hair - your installer will cover this when doing the installation.

If your tapes slip in your hair please contact your installer.

Removing your Tape Hair Extensions

As your hair grows, the hair extension tapes will need to be repositioned, this can be anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks after your initial install. With care it will be possible to move the tapes 2 or more times. You should consult with your installer at the time of the initial installation regarding retaping & moving the tapes. You can buy tape remover and remove and retape your own extensions ready for reinstalling. 

Heavenly Lengths and kattygul Premium Tape Hair Extensions
If you love Premium Tape in hair extensions and are interested in a higher end no shed Micro Weft technology product, that you can confidently wear and have retaped for up to 12 months then our Heavenly Lengths is a fantastic investment, you will not need to replace the hair as often and it will always look and feel better for much longer. The price for 40 pieces of Heavenly Lengths tape in hair extensions is $440.

We also have another range of Tapein hair extensions which include our Balayage/Ombre colours, our kattygurl Premium, these too have the same no shed Micro Weft technology which also means more retapes, these will also look and feel better for much longer. The price for 40 pieces plain colours $250 and $320 for the Balayage hair extensions. .  




24" kattygurl Premium Tape in Human Hair - #4 x 1

24" kattygurl Premium Tape in Human Hair - #4 x 1


kattygurl Premium range of extensions is our newest line of tape-in extensions, this quality is only.....

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24" kattygurl Tape in Human Hair - #8 x 1

24" kattygurl Tape in Human Hair - #8 x 1


Everyone knows someone who has had Tapeins, Microloop, U-tip, Glue etc before & experienced shedding.....

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