Remy Microloop/I-Tip/U-Tip

Remy Microloop/I-Tip/U-Tip


Micro Loop Human Hair


Microloop, or microlink hair extensions are attached to your own hair using silicone lined microbeads. The beads are availaible in a variety of colours to match the microlink hair extension colours and make the invisible in your hair. 


  1. Wash your hair clean, without conditioner, dry completely before applying the new hair. And after 24-72 hrs after colouring or bleaching respecitively to allow the hair shaft to come back to normal size.

  2. For manageability you may want to put each row in sparsely.

  3. When washing, use gentle running water and do not rub vigorously, making sure you wash away all traces of shampoo and conditioner.

  4. To maintain fresh, curly, well looked after, lightly apply gel, mousse etc. We sell a specialist X-ten range of polishing, shine and split end products.

  5. When combing/brushing, always work from the end of the hair first and work your way up to the root. We sell specialist loop brushes that will leave your hair silky shiny without damaging the micro beads.

  6. For curly hair, do not brush when it is dry. Use a large-toothed comb or your fingers while hair is wet, do not sleep with your hair wet wet.

  7. Try not to wash your hair more than 2-3 times per week. Harsh detergents will strip the hair (espeically the coloured loops) and dry it out. Always condition well. We sell specialist X-ten Shampoo and Conditioner formulated especially for extension care.

  8. Very important: placing your hair in a bun or braid at night will prevent tangling and tugging.


For installation:

Trim to blend with your own hair.

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