15 inch Remy Clipin Sets

15 inch Remy Clipin Sets


Remy clipin hair extensions


Remy clip in hair extensions are ideal for a night out, a special occasion or just a great asset for casual wear. These sets are not designed for everyday wear, unlike permanent extensions they will not last if worn all the time. 

Our Remy hair extension sets in this range are shorter lengths and weights than most. They are ideal to add volume to your hair when you have a shorter hair style. 

Remy (or Remi) means the hair cuticles are all aligned in the same direction when the sets are made. this means your hair extensions will be easier to brush and will not matt and tangle. 

All our  Remy hair extension sets are AAA grade. This grading does not refer to quality, it is about the length of the hair in the set. Do not be fooled by suppliers who claim to have 5A, 6A 7A or whatever hair. It is purely marketing speak to confuse customers into thinking the hair quality is better. A triple A set means the hair is made up of hair which is mostly full length to about the 75% mark. This gives a natural taper similar to your own hair. Quadruple A hair is also known as double drawn. It should be the most expensive hair on the market as all the hair is the same length and all short hairs have been removed. This will give a very blunt look and may need trimming. You can easily check the claims of 4A or better by holding the extensions by the tips of the hair and shaking them. If any hair falls down then the extensions are not double drawn as the hair is less than full length and you have been mislead by your supplier. 

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