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Placement of Remy clipin Hair Extensions is really easy, there are no set rules, every head is slightly different in shape. Some of us are narrower at the nape of the neck and wider between the ears, some of us have thick hair and others fine. Clipin hair extensions mostly work for everyone (if you have had treatment or have suffered hair loss it may pay to wait until your hair is healthier or look at our Tapein Extensions, we can work wonders with these to give you a fantastic new look) A nice little video:

Below is a guide as to where you can wear your clipin hair extensions, this is allowing a load of pieces but gives you some great ideas of the lines to follow, with one 6-7 piece set try to keep the rows as low as possible in your own hair, especially fine or thin hair. 6-7 pieces is usually enough but if you find its not then you can add to your set at anytime by buying more pieces in the same colour, funky colours or contrast colours.

Our 20" 100gms sets are made up of only 6 thickier clipin pieces, our 70gm 7 piece sets are thinner pieces some customer buy 2 sets, our 80gm 1 piece 5 clip pieces are the ulitmate, add one of these as a back row and you will never feel like you are sporting a mullet!!

Please look through our catergories for the right length of hair and right weight of hair, to match your own hair type :)

At kattygurl Hair Extensions there are No Short Cuts, You Be LONG Hair!


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