Hannah's Bumble Balm 200ml

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Bumble Balm Original


Hannah's Bumble Balm 200ml

Hannah's Original Balm assists with the relief of symptoms associated with various dry skin conditions.

It helps in enhancing the natural skin healing process while protecting it from harsh environmental elements.

Hannah’s Bumble Balm products are not medicines, each product has been carefully blended with natural ingredients that have shown to be useful in providing nourishment to the skin and different skin complaints.

What products can assist with managing the symptoms associated with dry skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis?

Eczema and closely related skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis are basically all the same when it comes to what products have shown to be beneficial when it comes to managing the symptoms associated with them.

These symptoms are most commonly complaints such as dry skin, itch, scarring, skin plaques (patches of thick skin) and can be present anywhere on the body, even the scalp.

These conditions can effect anyone, from babies to elderly.

In children, conditions such as these are most commonly linked to diet, certain food intolerance and allergies.

These symptoms can follow through into adulthood however they can also be developed in adulthood. More commonly than not, they are triggered by environmental changes.

My intention is to provide you with products that can both nourish your skin and offer a barrier that is GOOD for your skin!

Hannah’s Bumble Balms are made with a Beautiful Manuka Washed Beeswax.

When the honeycomb is removed from the hive, the wax must be clarified and this process is most commonly preformed using only water, however, my wax is clarified in water and Manuka Honey, very slowly, with love, care and respect.

This is what gives these Balms their amazing smell.
Please if you have allergies to bee products if you still decide to use this do so with caution and test a small area first.

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