Hair Loss Subsidy Options

kattygurl Hair Extensions NZ is a registered provider for New Zealand Ministry of Health Hair Loss Subsidy  which means we are able to supply hair extensions and air flex solutions for people who have suffered medical related hair loss on a temporary or permanent basis. To qualify for a subsidy you will need to have a referral or medical certificate from your GP or Specialist which includes your NHI number, cause of hair loss and whether it is permanent or temporary. 

While kattygurl Hair Extensions NZ do not supply custom wigs, we have been able to do some really effective hair replacements with the use of tape in hair extensions and our airflex tape system. One of our installers has had many years experience dealing with remedial hair treatments. If you are able to visit us in Tauranga, we will be happy to offer a free consultation to offer our best advice. 

If you are eligible for a subsidy you can assist you to lodge your claim and complete the process. 

You can also talk to Ministry of Health on their toll free number HealthPAC 0800 458 448

Or visit their website for more information: 

Wigs and Hairpieces Subsidy

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