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We at kattygurl Hair Extensions are suppliers of Hair Extensions we do not actually install any type of hair extensions, we leave this to the experts. We have fantastic Salons that install our Heavenly Lengths Salon grade hair, in stock for Salons and customers to buy in New Zealand. We are a company who believes in professionals doing a professional quality job :) 

We see some unhappy customers who have received poorly executed installs from untrained people. Correct placement and knowledge of Hair extension application is an integral part of an install, as is a blend cut.  I would not pay an untrained person to fix my teeth or rewire my house, would you? My hair is my crowning glory, a masterpiece I have been working on for many years, I like my hair on my head!!!!

Many Salons have stylists who have learnt one form of Hair Extension application and may have a Great Lengths or Hair Talk certificate, but in reality that staff member may be long gone from your Salon but before leaving taught another member of staff who also taught another member of staff, a form of Chinese whispers training where due to translation errors, important steps have been lost or misinterpeted.

If you want satisfied clients, confident staff and an awesome reliable product to offer your clients then Waiariki Institute of Technology is the first Tertiary institute in NZ to offer this professional development to already trained, experienced Hair Dressers, a good knowledge of sectioning and cutting is essential, for more information please contact:

Kymberley Paige for Hairdressing and Beauty

07 346 8716

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