Feather Hair

The feathers we use for hair extensions are the same as those used in the trout fishing industry by fly tyers around the world. These feathers are very long and skinny. They come from only 2 known flocks in the USA, which makes them rare and valuable items. 

Sometimes the feathers are worn in natural colours which makes a subtle effect in mid brown to honey blonde hair. Other feathers are dyed bright colours and make a stunning and outstanding display in all different hair colours. 


We also supply synthetic feathers which offer even brighter colours. 

As the natural feathers come from birds, they can be washed normally along with your hair. The synthetic feathers can also be washed. 

It is very easy to install feather hair extensions using our installation kit which includes a hair hook, some beads and an instruction leaflet. You will just need some pliers to squeeze the bead shut. Take care not to tighten the bead too much, it has a silicone liner to grip and protect your hair. As your hair grows down you will need to move the feather up. You may be able to gently open the bead, slide it up and squeeze it closed again. If the bead breaks, don't worry, there are spares in the kit and you can easily reinstall your feather. 


We also supply feathers on a hair clip so you can easily clip the feather hair extension in or out; great if you have work or school rules! The feather is attached to the clip with a split ring, by simply moving the split ring on the clip you can wear your feather extension on either the left or right hand side. 

Your feather hair extensions should give you years of wear and pleasure. Remember to please tag 

#kattygurlhairextensions so we can see your feather hair install. 

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